Hi, I'm Inna!​

I help math teachers like you work with students in reaching math fluency without feeling overwhelmed and stressed when students with weak math skills are placed in their class.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You are overwhelmed by the thought of needing to teach a math class of various skill levels.

  • You do not want to waste time and energy to then not see any results

  • You do not know where to get started and are feeling overwhelmed with how to help students.

That’s why I created this online space and the 5 Easy Steps to Build Math Fluency. To help you get back your teaching time!

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Go behind the scenes of what I use in my own classroom and strategies that I use to reach my low level students.


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Take a look at a list of resources that I have created that not only cover the foundational math skills but skills needed for students to be successful in high school.

Stop wasting class time! Take the 5 easy steps to build math fluency in your classroom.
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